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Summer Associate Program

Givens Pursley recruits students to join its Summer Associate program. We look for high levels of academic achievement, creativity, leadership, character, good judgment, excellent writing skills, and the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to be successful in the legal profession.

Givens Pursley interviews candidates in Boise during September, October, and November with preference given to early receipt of application materials.

Summer Associates can express a preference to receive assignments from particular practice areas. Although we make every effort to accommodate their interests, we encourage Summer Associates to work on projects from a variety of practice areas during the summer. Work assignments are similar in complexity to assignments given to new associates. Additionally, we encourage Summer Associates to observe and participate by joining our attorneys at client meetings, closings, negotiating sessions, depositions, and court appearances.

Our goal is to give Summer Associates an opportunity to demonstrate their analytical and writing skills, to work directly with leading attorneys, and to demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit that is part of Givens Pursley’s culture.

To facilitate a successful experience each Summer Associate is assigned a mentor, who is a partner or senior associate. The mentor's role is to assist the Summer Associate’s integration into the firm, including introduction to attorneys, participation in social events, as well as to answer questions regarding work assignments. Summer Associates are evaluated and provided feedback at the middle and end of the Summer Associate program.

While we cannot always anticipate our needs for hiring associates, the Summer Associate program is our primary recruiting tool for new associates and preference will be given to candidates who have had a positive experience at Givens Pursley. It is our intention to provide each and every summer associate the opportunity to have a successful professional experience and continue employment with Givens Pursley. Many of our attorneys began their careers at Givens Pursley in our Summer Associate Program.

Givens Pursley generally does not conduct on-campus interviews. Instead, we encourage candidates to forward a cover letter, resume, and writing sample to:

Robert White
Hiring Partner
Givens Pursley LLP
P.O. Box 2720
Boise, ID 83701
(208) 388-1200