Media Law

Our Media Law practice group includes some of the most respected media lawyers in the state. Our clients include local, regional and national print and broadcast media, as well as state broadcast and newspaper organizations. Our work includes all types of media litigation, including defamation and privacy actions and a wide range of First Amendment matters in state and federal court. We provide around-the-clock prepublication and pre-broadcast review, general counseling and rapid response to newsroom "emergencies” such as access to closed courtroom proceedings or public meetings. We know from experience in quashing subpoenas of journalists, notes and outtakes that we must remain vigilant to provide such services on a moment’s notice. Indeed, our media lawyers understand that speed in response to newsroom legal issues is critical. To that end our lawyers offer "hotline” newsroom service, making our expertise available in a timely and economic fashion to geographically-dispersed clients throughout the state and region.

Lawyers Practicing in this area