Business, Finance & Banking

Banking and Loan Transactions

Attorneys in our Banking and Loan Transactions practice group represent creditors and debtors in all aspects and types of commercial finance transactions, including conventional, conduit, mezzanine, and other alternative finance structures. Our attorneys have extensive expertise and experience in structuring, negotiating, documenting and closing commercial loan, lease and finance transactions, and creating and perfecting liens in all types of tangible and intangible property. As the preeminent real estate law firm in the state, we have extensive experience in all facets of real estate finance transactions. Attorneys in our Banking and Loan Transactions practice group also render legal opinions required for commercial finance transactions.

Bonds, Finance and Securities

Attorneys in our Bonds, Finance and Securities practice group represent clients in local, regional, and national debt and equity securities offerings. We have been lead counsel for syndicators involved in both public and private real estate limited partnerships and corporate offerings, and frequently act as special Idaho counsel for syndicators, issuers, and underwriters whose offerings or projects require Idaho counsel. We represent issuers in connection with both tax-exempt and taxable bond transactions, including energy, healthcare, education, housing, and industrial development bond issuances. We also represent issuers of commercial securitization transactions, borrowers to conduit securitization transactions, and borrowers to tax increment financing transactions. We serve as counsel for issuers of, and investors in, private placement securities offerings and venture capital financings, and have extensive experience in offerings made under Regulation D. In addition to structuring and documenting securities transactions, we coordinate those transactions with the requirements of state and federal regulators. 

Corporate and Corporate Governance

Our Corporate and Corporate Governance practice group is comprised of a cross-disciplinary group of attorneys that have the expertise and experience to assist our public and private company clients in addressing a broad range of corporate issues. We assist our clients in navigating governance issues, structure, control mechanisms, shareholder rights plans, staggered boards, change in control agreements, shareholder and board of director meetings, compliance programs, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, document retention, board committees, board policies, fiduciary duties, conflicts of interest, director compensation, executive compensation, retention, and severance, strategic planning, and general business advice.

Entrepreneur and Private Business

Attorneys in the Entrepreneur and Private Business practice group represent our private and closely held business clients in all aspects of their businesses.  We counsel and assist our clients in forming, owning, and operating private and closely held businesses, including selection of the appropriate form of legal entity, capitalization and financing, purchase and sale of assets, joint ventures, strategic alliances, contracts, intellectual property, distribution agreements, purchase agreements, employment, corporate governance, entity maintenance, real estate acquisition and leasing, construction, tax, succession planning, contract enforcement, restructuring and recapitalization, and in numerous other areas of business law important to our small business clients.

Copyright & Trademark

Our Copyright/Trademark practice group attorneys assist clients with comprehensive strategies for developing and protecting business and product names, with keen attention to use in e commerce and trademark and domain name interface issues. We offer a full range of trademark licensing and assignment services, from full scale franchising strategies to individual trademark licenses and assignments. Our attorneys negotiate and enforce joint authorship, work for hire, and commissioned or contract work agreements, both in conjunction with employment arrangements and independent ventures. We also provide full copyright registration services and, in appropriate cases, train clients to handle routine applications in house, with advice from us only as needed.

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