Government Affairs

Administrative Practice

Our Administrative Practice group offers its clients impressive depth in all levels of government. Several of our attorneys have served in government, with a particularly heavy concentration on administrative practice. We have attorneys who have served in the Idaho Attorney General’s office, on the Idaho Public Utilities Commission, and in the U.S. Department of the Interior, while others have served on governmental advisory boards and commissions. Several of our attorneys have acted as counsel to various local, state and federal agencies and have a broad understanding of the administrative intricacies of the decision-making processes in those bodies. They frequently appear before legislative committees, commissions, agencies, boards and departments of government to represent our clients’ varied interests.


It is paramount that careful consideration must be given before committing to any political advocacy. Our team will be there to assist and advise clients in identifying not only the answers, but what questions to ask.    

·       How do we best position the issue to benefit the client most?

·       What is the likelihood of success?

·       Are there alternatives that would be acceptable or meet the same goal?

Small nuances could mean the difference between resolving an issue with little or no conflict to full blown political warfare. 

Recognizing our role as experienced practitioners and educators, we work hard to synthesize complex information into accurate, easy to understand text and talking points, making a topic accessible to audiences with varying backgrounds and degrees of sophistication. Legislators and other key decision makers trust us to provide them with the “full picture” on a given topic, which engenders respect for our abilities and confidence in our integrity. 

Although the Legislature is in session but a short few months each year -- January through mid-spring -- we have for decades worked year-round to build and maintain strong relationships with key decision makers. Elected officials know and trust us. Indeed, that trust has been earned through years of providing thoughtful and well reasoned analyses to legislators and key decision makers. We protect our reputation of integrity, trust and knowledge because it is the most important component of our Government Affairs practice.

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